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Welcome to Jungle Boys Official Uk Shop. Get the California 420 experience right here in the United Kingdom. With our user base growing strong abroad, Jungle Boys keeps breaking records in the medical marijuana industry with top-shelf, high-quality cannabis products at the best prices. We are leaders in this complex industry and our brand is now known worldwide, with our logo and social media presence on Instagram. We have strived throughout the last decade to revolutionize the ways cultivators grow cannabis. As the only dispensary doing 420 mail order worldwide, Jungle Boys UK shop has been created to cater to our United Kingdom fans, clients, and partners. 

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We have a superfluity of high potency marijuana strains for your medical and recreational needs.Browse through our website, choosing the best strain for you, which come in tins (cans) which have been hermetically sealed to prevent oxidation, and as such preserves the quality of the kush. We also have marijuana pre-roll packs for sale and wholesale flower bagpacks, cannabis oil, THC vape pens, bongs, daps, edibles (cookies), wax, shatter, and much more. These are shipped in vacuum-sealed mylar pouches to prevent detection by sniffers and canines. Jungle Boys Official UK shop is here for you mates! Start shopping and puffing…

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